Hiking in Ketchikan Alaska
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Immerse yourself in the wonders and awe-inspiring beauty of the Tongass Rainforest on a Ketchikan Hiking hike.

Hiking in Ketchikan

Hiking in Ketchikan along the Ward Creek Trail brings you to rushing waters like this.

Tongass Rainforest Hiking Expedition on the Ward Creek Trail

READY to see eagles, deer, salmon and black bears fishing for salmon in the rushing waters of Ward Creek? This Alaska hiking excursion will take you along a highly groomed trail that winds and climbs through the lush Tongass National Rainforest peeking over the stream. Occasional resting spots make it compelling to stop and listen to the rushing water while taking in the unique blooms and peaceful moments.


Hiking in Ketchikan brings you to Totem Bight with beautifully colored totem poles like these

City Tour and Totem Bight

SET out on your journey to the outskirts of Ketchikan on the edge of Tongass Narrows to experience a slice of culture from the past. 14 beautifully colored totem poles on display were recovered and repaired as memorials to honor chiefs from long ago. Your adventure will take you on a short walk through the woods and majestic scenery to a place where these amazing cultural icons have stood watch for untold generations. These totem poles reflect of the high culture, legends, and ancient art of original Alaska people.


Hiking in Ketchikan Alaska on the Compass Points Excursion from Ketchikan Hiking

"Private Journey" Compass Points Excursion

ADVENTURE is at the heart of our Compass Points Excursion. This high-end “Private Journey” comes with special credentials to visit every destination on the island and more…on private property!

Discover the most about Ketchikan, the salmon capital of the world, its rich and strong native heritage and so much more in a single outing.

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Ketchikan Hiking

131 Front Street, Ketchikan, Alaska 99901, United States at the rain gauge at the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau